Hello Students and Parents,


So we start over again and welcome back to our students and families. A special welcome to those students and families who are brand new to SMSA!


We ended last year with a fabulous graduation ceremony. I cannot remember having a better time at graduation. There was a feeling of genuine celebration and togetherness. With staff, students and parents we can change that feeling from being one day at the end of the year to having it permeate and resonate throughout the entire year. We can together.


We do have some changes and some of you may already be aware of them. Longtime Assistant Principal Joe Kopf has been select as a Principal in Residence. I firmly believe that Mr. Kopf will be undertaking the Principal’s responsibilities of a Hartford School this time next year. Mr. Kopf will be doing his Residency at Noah Webster School this year. We wish him good fortune and I want to thank Mr. Kopf for all that he has done.


Our former Magnet Coach Mrs. Alison Giuliano is now our Acting Assistant Principal in the high school. It is a demanding job and she will be excellent at working with our students and families. Replacing Mrs. Giuliano as our Magnet Coach will be Ms. Sarah Lentz who has so aptly assumed similar responsibilities at another magnet school, Pathways to Technology. Welcome to Ms. Lentz and please introduce yourself to her when you have a chance.


There is always some apprehension starting a new year from our smallest and youngest 6th grader up to the Principal (ya, that’s right and it’s my 39th) but I am also sincerely looking forward to the start of the new school year.


As boxing referee and reality show host Mills Lane often says “let’s get in on” 2014-2015!